Saturday, September 26, 2015

ESSLLI 2016 course: Sentence Comprehension as a Cognitive Process: A Computational Approach

Felix Engelmann and I will teach a one-week course at ESSLLI 2016 in Bolzano. I made a preliminary web page for the course, available here.

This is our first step towards writing our book (with the same title as the course), on contract with Cambridge University Press.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

New paper (Paape and Vasishth, Lang. and Speech): Local coherence and preemptive digging-in effects in German

Dario Paape's new paper has been accepted for publication by Language and Speech:

Title: Local coherence and preemptive digging-in effects in German
AbstractSOPARSE (Tabor & Hutchins, 2004) predicts so-called local coherence effects: locally plausible but globally impossible parses of substrings can exert a distracting influence during sentence processing. Additionally, it predicts digging-in effects: the longer the parser stays committed to a particular analysis, the harder it becomes to inhibit that analysis. We investigated the interaction of these two predictions using German sentences. Results from a self-paced reading study show that the processing difficulty caused by a local coherence can be reduced by first allowing the globally correct parse to become entrenched, which supports SOPARSE’s assumptions.